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Zoe Noir- by me

May 28, 2010

This is the first time I’ve used one of my images in my visual diary – I figure that if I have shot something I am really happy with, it deserves a spot here to remind me what it is that I like about it, and so what I should be aiming towards. I haven’t been shooting as much people based photography lately & haven’t really felt that engaged with what I have been shooting.

This image was shot in January this year, with a very creative and obliging model named Zoe – we shot lots of different types of photo, but this film noir inspired image was one of my favourite from the shoot. I love the dark shadows and silvery highlights.


Richaerd Avedon

May 26, 2010

I stumbled across some images by Richard Avedon the other day & was blown away by the movement he gets into his photographs – lovely curling limbs and sensual rhythms- I have no idea how he does this, except perhaps shoots his models as they move/dance/run/traipse across his frame. Lovely stuff!

Ellen Von Unwerth- From Revenge

May 21, 2010

I’ve encountered her work often but only recently became aware of who Ellen Von Unwerth is. A German photographer, famous for eroticised images of women, her style really resonates with me. Her photographs are often moody BDSM style shots, but they have a sense of mischief and humour that I find infectious.

This image belongs to a set called ‘revenge’ which is a narrative of three young women who spend a weekend with a baroness on her country estate. The image I have chosen juxtaposes the obvious sexuality of it’s subjects (open legged poses, a black glove, the models sitting in the gutter; a metaphor for sleaziness) against their apparent naivety.

They are shown eating fruit- this is also a metaphor for lost innocence and eating itself can be depicted as a sensual, indulgent activity.

I think this image oozes style yet still manages to confront the viewer with some very forthright and prurient themes.

In terms of camera craft, it’s a reasonably simple shot, the background is thrown out of focus very mildly & while not over exposed, there are some strong highlights in the hair and on the faces of the models. Visually the image’s strength lies in it’s composition and design- the resonance between the models is strong & the repetition of their legs creates a rhythm in an otherwise chaotic image.

Riotious colour- Colour Me Kelley- Harmony Nicholas

May 16, 2010

One of the design principles we had to shoot for in our design class was “riot of colour” & I think this image fits the bill perfectly.

Harmony Nicholas, or DalaiHarma on deviantArt is an extremely talented Adelaide based photographer, whose cheeky images boast a wonderful marriage of technical precision and conceptual astuteness.

I love everything about this shot- the colour, the pose, the props all come together to exude attitude. Look at some of the details;

Harmony’s model, Sabina Kelley, has her eyes downcast, concentrating on colouring in her sleeve of tattoos- a wry smile around the texta in her mouth shows that she’s amused by what she’s doing- it could almost be the same smile of a schoolboy tagging his desk.

Sabina holds a fistful of crayola pens- even this detail is important. This ubiquitous brand is synonymous with colour, and perhaps childhood, which means playfulness- this is a very playful photograph and the presence of recognisable objects enhances the viewers resonance with it.

The contrast of these bold colours (the bright red singlet, the rainbow of ink and the brilliantly red lips) is visually irresistible and as the viewer I find myself returning to the image again and again.

The lighting is brilliant- especially considering Sabina’s platinum hair, milky complexion and the white background- Harmony has introduced just the right amount of detail into her face

Female Nude- Robert Mapplethorpe

May 9, 2010

“I went into photography because it seemed like the perfect vehicle for commenting on the madness of today’s existence.”

Robert Mapplethorpe was a New York photographer who gained notoriety in the 80’s for his photographs of flowers and nude portraits (usually homoerotic images of men). I first encountered his work several years ago & was struck by the strong studies of form that, at the same time presented confronting subject matter.

The shot I have chosen here is atypical of Mapplethorpe’s nudes in that it is a female model- I have included it because I think the use of light and shadow is really interesting- the model’s skirts are hoisted above her head,¬† and to the far right of the frame the shadow of a tree looks as though it could have been cast by the model.

Dappled Light Portrait

April 11, 2010

I pilfered this image from Tumblr and the person hosting it hadn’t credited the photographer, so therefore I can’t….

It’s a beautiful portrait & I chose it because of the dappled light which I think adds a summery effect to the shot. Relatively shallow depth of field blurs the background, not so much that it is unrecognisable, but enough to make the model pop- the photographer has captured lovely catchlights in the models eyes- possibly through the use of a reflector as the sun seems to be on her back.

0084 – Ailine Liefeld

March 16, 2010

This is another deviantArt image from a user called angelcurls. Angelcurls is a photographer from Germany named Ailine Liefeld, her dA gallery contains a plethora of beautiful portraits, many monochrome and many with lovely muted colours.

The shot above is really appealing to me, it’s such a classic portrait that captures a wonderful melancholy. I love the B&W conversion, it has a softness to it that¬† the lighting accentuates wonderfully. The light from left of frame adds so much atmosphere to the shot- I imagine the model sitting in a recording studio in the 1950’s; wholesome and handsome, but with a pervasive sadness.