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Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River – Peter Dombrovskis

March 23, 2010

The late Peter Dombrovskis was a German born photographer who was notable for photographing the Tasmanian Landscapes. The first time I saw this photograph was on a poster in one of the science rooms at my High School. I was transfixed by the silkiness of the water & the intrigue of the fog. If I had asked, my teacher probably would have told me that this photo was an integral part of the campaign that brought down the Fraser Government.

A key issue of the 1983 Federal election was the proposed damming of the Franklin River. Several major newspapers ran full pages ads featuring this photo with the caption; “would you vote for a party that would destroy this?” (The location where this shot was taken would have been flooded by the dam).

The ethereal texture of the water was achieved using a slow shutter speed & obviously a tripod. It’s either morning, or as is not uncommon in Tasmania, the morning mist hasn’t lifted, so the light is flat & diffused. Taking shots of moving water, I always like to change up the shutter speed to either freeze the movement or draw it out- this shot taken in Bangkok is shot at 1/2000 on a very sunny day- I really like how the jet’s of water are suspended in mid air.