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Untitled- Aaron Dunn

June 9, 2010

This image, by Aaron Dunn embodies a kind of absurdism that really appeals to me, and that I’d like to express through my photos. The question, upon viewing this image, has to be; “why?” – the post modern answer is “of course”.

While there is some resonance between rabbits and the woods – nothing else about the image makes much sense, but when you deconstruct it, you can see that it doesn’t have to.

The rabbits head has a particular aesthetic to it that reminds the viewer of cartoons in the early 1980’s- this is enhanced by the retro feel of the processing and the rainbow socks- it’s a very nostalgic photo and the nakedness of the model serves to subvert that nostalgia by introducing a sexual element.


June 9, 2010

I pinched this from this blog and while it’s not strictly speaking, a mask, I decided to include it because I really like Mexican Day of the Dead imagery & intend to also include something similar in my folio.

Photographically speaking, this shot is mediocre- the shadow on the wall behind him doesn’t add anything to the image and the reflection of the plate on his torso is distracting- both reasonably easy things to fix.

Mask- Ellen Von Unwerth

June 9, 2010

As previously mentioned, I intend to make masks a broad concept for my portfolio, so I’m going to post a few masks here now.

This shot, by Ellen Von Unwerth appeals because it exudes a timelessness that I’d generally associate with silver screen stars, yet, the presence of the mask brings a subversiveness to the image.

The extremely shallow DoF works well here- the back of the model’s face is out of focus leaving just the eyes, mouth and some lacework crisp- it lends further mystery to the picture, which in part is counteracted by what we can see; we can tell her eyes are hooded slightly and her lips are parted, suggesting lust and sensuality.

Xteriors VIII – Desiree Dolron

June 7, 2010

Desiree Dolron is a Dutch photographer who creates dream-like images- this particular shot stood out to me as especially striking- a young boy lies in state surrounded by concerned looking women in strange, black uniform dress. For me the photograph invokes images of Roswell autopsies- the presence of the three women is quite frankly, creepy. The design of their dresses is at once conservative and revealing, and the uniformity suggests some kind of cult, or unknown society.

The tones in the image are subdued & it is divisible between very light and very dark. The young boy’s red hair provides a visual point of interest.

Cow- SpY

May 28, 2010

SpY is a Spanish conceptual artist whose work usually occurs in the public domain.

I love the image above, the colour is fabulous and the concept is just so silly. We have a hard time taking cows seriously & they often form the noun in many pejorative metaphors, silly, stupid, stubborn, docile….the list is long.

I like the use of balloons in images where the negative space consists of organic and subdued colours- the contrast is really visually appealing & conceptually, balloons are interesting because they exist only to provide colour- they are like artificial flowers. I’ve been thinking about including balloons in some of my conceptual shots & I guess this shot is the kind of application I’d like to use them in.

In Case of Rain- Alex Severinov

May 16, 2010

I have no real idea what the title of this photo is, I managed to trace the photographer as Alex Severinov, a Russian photographer whose website is understandably all in Russian.

I really love this shot- I suspect that the umbrellas have been shopped in to the frame, mostly because I have no idea as to how he’d have managed the timing (unless he has a dozen assistants).

The scene has some lovely tones, the dark brooding sky compliments the rich green of the grass & the black umbrellas.

Like previous shots, I love the surrealism in this image!

A little bit rude….

May 2, 2010

More Tumblr fodder, so again, an un-credited addition- I chose this photo for a few different reasons;

Firstly, because I really like the absurdity of the shot- a naked man in a rabbit mask poses against a plain white background- I have no idea what the photographer’s intended message is, or indeed if there is one, but I’d like to think it’s simply to present his or her audience with an image that challenges their perception of reality.

I love masks in images- I think there’s a paradox at play- masks hide our identities, but in doing so, they free us to be our true selves. People in masks are uninhibited and unencumbered by the social mores that stop most of us from doing things like posing nude.  I intend to work with masks in my folio in order to explore this concept.

I also really like model’s pose & the composition of the image- the model seems to strut and appears nimble, yet takes up the whole frame. While not a full frontal image, the nudity is still explicit enough to be mildly confronting to the audience. The notion of presenting images that confront & provoke is really appealing to me.