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A little bit rude….

May 2, 2010

More Tumblr fodder, so again, an un-credited addition- I chose this photo for a few different reasons;

Firstly, because I really like the absurdity of the shot- a naked man in a rabbit mask poses against a plain white background- I have no idea what the photographer’s intended message is, or indeed if there is one, but I’d like to think it’s simply to present his or her audience with an image that challenges their perception of reality.

I love masks in images- I think there’s a paradox at play- masks hide our identities, but in doing so, they free us to be our true selves. People in masks are uninhibited and unencumbered by the social mores that stop most of us from doing things like posing nude.  I intend to work with masks in my folio in order to explore this concept.

I also really like model’s pose & the composition of the image- the model seems to strut and appears nimble, yet takes up the whole frame. While not a full frontal image, the nudity is still explicit enough to be mildly confronting to the audience. The notion of presenting images that confront & provoke is really appealing to me.