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Severalls Mental Hospital – ant43

July 3, 2010

Located on deviantArt, this image belongs to a UK photographer who uses the handle ant43.

It was taken at an abandoned psychiatric hospital and I have chosen to include it because it invokes a very strong mood in the viewer. The sense of scale and perspective created by the long corridor convey a stark minimalism that is often associated with hospitals. It conjures imagery of a cold, unwelcoming place inhabited by strong armed orderlies under the instruction of Nurse Ratchetts.

The obvious signs of decay create contrast with these images of a sterile, inhuman environment. The flaking paint and graffiti provide a texture that the viewer knows, has not always existed.

Also noteworthy is the light that the photographer has used – plentiful natural light pours through the windows, illuminating the corridor unevenly. The sense that the building is abandoned is heightened by this and the spooky atmosphere that is created sits well with the popular notion of abandoned psychiatric facilities being places that are unable to escape their pasts.