Ellen Von Unwerth- From Revenge

I’ve encountered her work often but only recently became aware of who Ellen Von Unwerth is. A German photographer, famous for eroticised images of women, her style really resonates with me. Her photographs are often moody BDSM style shots, but they have a sense of mischief and humour that I find infectious.

This image belongs to a set called ‘revenge’ which is a narrative of three young women who spend a weekend with a baroness on her country estate. The image I have chosen juxtaposes the obvious sexuality of it’s subjects (open legged poses, a black glove, the models sitting in the gutter; a metaphor for sleaziness) against their apparent naivety.

They are shown eating fruit- this is also a metaphor for lost innocence and eating itself can be depicted as a sensual, indulgent activity.

I think this image oozes style yet still manages to confront the viewer with some very forthright and prurient themes.

In terms of camera craft, it’s a reasonably simple shot, the background is thrown out of focus very mildly & while not over exposed, there are some strong highlights in the hair and on the faces of the models. Visually the image’s strength lies in it’s composition and design- the resonance between the models is strong & the repetition of their legs creates a rhythm in an otherwise chaotic image.

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