Riotious colour- Colour Me Kelley- Harmony Nicholas

One of the design principles we had to shoot for in our design class was “riot of colour” & I think this image fits the bill perfectly.

Harmony Nicholas, or DalaiHarma on deviantArt is an extremely talented Adelaide based photographer, whose cheeky images boast a wonderful marriage of technical precision and conceptual astuteness.

I love everything about this shot- the colour, the pose, the props all come together to exude attitude. Look at some of the details;

Harmony’s model, Sabina Kelley, has her eyes downcast, concentrating on colouring in her sleeve of tattoos- a wry smile around the texta in her mouth shows that she’s amused by what she’s doing- it could almost be the same smile of a schoolboy tagging his desk.

Sabina holds a fistful of crayola pens- even this detail is important. This ubiquitous brand is synonymous with colour, and perhaps childhood, which means playfulness- this is a very playful photograph and the presence of recognisable objects enhances the viewers resonance with it.

The contrast of these bold colours (the bright red singlet, the rainbow of ink and the brilliantly red lips) is visually irresistible and as the viewer I find myself returning to the image again and again.

The lighting is brilliant- especially considering Sabina’s platinum hair, milky complexion and the white background- Harmony has introduced just the right amount of detail into her face

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