Dali Atomicus- Philippe Halsman

When I was about 14, Dali’s The Persistence of Memory became the first painting to really catch my eye and my imagination. It was my first encounter with surreal art and I loved the chaos it presented.

Dali Atomicus is one of my favourite images of all time. It encapsulates the chaos that must have been Dali’s mind. The photographer, Phillipe Halsman reportedly claimed that the act of leaping revealed his subject’s true selves.

When I first read that this shot took 6 hours, 28 jumps and a handful of assistants to nail, I was initially disappointed- to look at the picture, it seems as though it should have been spontaneous- a random and chaotic occurrence that was captured serendipitously. But it’s a good reminder for me that inspirational photographs require perspiration to produce.

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